About Your Santa Barbara Beach Wedding

The blessing of walking hand in hand with your “Forever Love” into your future together is something to be truly celebrated! And a beautiful Santa Barbara beach with picturesque ocean cliff surroundings is the perfect seaside setting to take your wedding day dreams from vision to reality, and with unparalleled style and finesse.

Picture this, if you will:

You and your beloved stand hand in hand, toes in the sand before an impressively elegant four post white canopy draped in billowy tulle and adorned with crystals, each one sparkling like gemstones in the glow of the setting sun. The heady scent of thousands of delicate rose petals waft upon the breeze, with the palms in the distance swaying ever so slightly.

Before you, the soft, steady rhythm of the surf kissing the shore is soothing, like a melody, a love song orchestrated by the universe just for you in celebration of the joy you share. And yet, amid all of the beauty, all of the finery, all of the special touches that create this seaside oasis of elegance, the world and everyone in it fades away and in that moment, the only two persons who exist are You. Because... with your eyes locked in love and devotion you say to each other those two most precious words ..."I do!"

On behalf of everyone and myself at Montecito Weddings, we wish you abundance of peace and love, and without a doubt... happy wedding planning!